In this age of technology, it is no wonder that people are trying to hook up online to fulfill their needs. And we are talking about the most basic, primal need: The need to fulfill ones’ sexual desires. And luckily, internet dating and especially adult dating on the web is perfect for that.

Is this a good thing? A wAffairs make people happyell known sociologist thinks, at least for being content and happy with your life, it is definitely a good thing. So we are strictly talking about a persons piece of mind here. An interesting conclusion is also that when you are married, having an affair with lots of casual sex is the epitome of happiness… Now that’s an interesting claim! This means that the whole institution of a healthy marriage is in fact to sleep around with others, and more and more people are doing this via online dating sites – you’ll feel great, and the direct affection to the relationship you and your spouse are having is less annoyances, stress and fights. What a paradox, right?

Because when this is the recipe for a happy marriage and life, it’s also the recipe for a divorce when you get caught! Now that’s night and day. On the other side, when it goes right the added suspense of getting caught is considered sexy by alot of people who are doing it. And you can also think, once your marriage crumbles, full blown online dating and having sexual encounters is something you can really get into once you reach that point…

It’s pretty much a serious dilemma: Ultimate happiness with the risk of losing it all, or not being happy. What would you do?